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Pustules on Face

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There are these glands called the sebaceous glands in the body. The job of these glands is to secrete sebum; which is an oily secretion to help the hair and skin be in a moisturized state. This oily secretion reaches the skin by traveling up to the hair shaft and then out of the hair follicle.

Pustules on Face
Pustules on Face


Millions of people in this world suffer from pustules whether on their eyelids, or on their nose or on any part of your skin at some stage of their life. Some are lucky and get rid of pustules easily within a short period of time, while others aren’t so lucky and the condition becomes persist for several years.

As in other medical condition, having knowledge of your particular condition can help you a lot to deal with it effectively. A Pustule is a form of Acne which appears as a red circle in start on the skin, with a whitish top. A pustule on skin appears when a pores is blocked (due to oil deposits, dead skin cells, bacteria, dust, and other impurities) and becomes irritated, and contains puss. The puss can be result of the pressure that is built up inside the clogged pores.

Acne Pustules may occur anywhere on the body, but pustules on the, back, shoulders, over the breastbone, and in areas having excessive sweating such as the groin and armpit are very commonly found. Pustules acne may be a sign of a bacterial infection.

Eyelid Pustule

Eyelid pustule appears on the inner pink lining of the eyelid. An eye infection can affect the eyelids or eyelashes, and can be the main and only reason for pustule on eyelid. The infection can be due to many reasons like dust, bacteria and oil glands problem. Eyelid pustule can be controlled by persistent care of your eyes by applying warm compresses, massaging your eyelids, gently washing your eyelids and by using antibiotics if ordered by your caregiver.

Nose Pustule

Pustule on nose is very worst in some people. Not only because it’s difficult to get rid of them, but you also have the pain that is involved.

The nose is one of the primary breeding grounds for infection because of the chance of bacteria. Nose pustules can be cure by balanced diet and by cleansing the skin around nose regularly.

Facial Pustule

Pustules are very common on the face. These pustules or zits, are usually dome shaped, filled with puss, lesions comprising a mixture of white blood cells, dead skin cells and bacteria. It usually forms over sebaceous follicles with a hair in its center and heal without progressing into cysts.

Pustules treatments/get rid of pustules acne

These extremely ugly looking pustules acne can be treated and you can get rid of them. Here are some of the treatment options that you have to get rid of pustules.

Make a proper skin care routine that includes cleansing, moisturizing and toning of your skin. Use an anti bacterial cleanser to clean your face.

Counter medications also can be very helpful in treatment of pustules on skin. Use the one that contain benzoyl peroxide because it kills the causative organisms and treats acne.

You can also use OTC medications containing salicylic acid to treat your pustules acne. This will unclogs your skin pores and also will helps shedding dead skin cells.

Avoiding junk food will helps you a lot to get rid of pustules.

Never scratch, pop or pick your skin pustules as it only leads to the spread of its bacteria. This will only worsen the condition and you may have a big scar.

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