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Pink Eye Home Remedy

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Pink eye or conjunctivitis is a kind of eye infection which results in reddening of the eye. It is as common as common cold, but it leads to the the most annoying and irritating situation. Constant itching of the eye, throbbing pain, stickiness and excessive discharge from the eye, everything is so irritating that the person affected is ready to do anything to get rid of pink eye quickly. Though common, an eye problem needs to be treated carefully. Along with antibiotic or anti inflammatory eye drops, you can opt for a safe pink eye home remedy. Before taking a look at home remedies for pink eye, here is an overview of symptoms of pink eye.

Pink Eye Home Remedy
Pink Eye Home Remedy


Symptoms of pink eye or symptoms of conjunctivitis:
Symptoms of pink eye includes itchy sensation of eyes, redness, burning sensation and watering of eyes in inner eyelid which could lead to sticky discharge from the eyes. This discharge sometimes could seal the eyelid together overnight. In bacterial type the discharge appears like pus and if it is due to virus then discharge will be thinner and more of a watery type.

Causes of pink eye:
Pink eye is primarily caused due to allergy to pollen, house dust and some type of make ups. This type of conjunctivitis is called as allergic pink eye.

Pinkeye could also be caused due to chemical reasons. This may include exposure to chemical irritants like factory fumes, tobacco smoke or excess chlorine in swimming pools. This is called as chemical conjunctivitis.

Third form of conjunctivitis is caused due to bacteria. This type of pinkeye is contagious and proper care is required for the patient or else it could lead to epidemic.

Natural home remedy for pink eye – pinkeye and treatment – cure for pink eye:
Breast milk is the best home remedy for pink eye. Remember to use only fresh breast milk in cure for pink eye.
Warm water compresses helps in pink eye. The bugs that cause it are very sensitive to heat. Heat helps to increase of blood flow and loosen debris.
Wash your eyes with mixture made up of a pint of salt in boiled water cooled to room temperature. Wash your eyes with this solutions 4-5 times a day.
Wear dark glasses to prevent infection to others
Wear goggles while swimming
Do not touch your eyes as this could lead to further infections.
Chamomile tea bags are very helpful in case of pink eyes. Moist chamomile tea bags and place it over the closed eyes for 10 minutes if you want faster relief.
Marigold is known for its antiseptic and anti-inflammatory features. Marigold compress helps in pink eye.
Pink eye patient should avoid excessive intake of starchy and sugary food which could be in the form of white bread, potatoes, puddings, pies, sugar, jams and cakes etc. Raw juices of certain vegetables like carrot & spinach is helpful for pink eye patients. Vitamin A and Vitamin B2 is found to be helpful in patients for conjunctivitis. Sources of Vitamin A are whole milk, butter, curd, carrot, pumpkin, tomato, mango, papaya etc. Foods rich in vitamin B2 are green leafy vegetables, milk, citrus fruits, banana, tomato, and almonds.

A cold foment also gives immediate relief in Pink Eye by chasing away overactive local blood supply. Saturate a small hand towel with cold water. Squeeze excess water and use it to cover your eyes gently. Cover this with a piece of warm cloth to retain temperature for long. Repeat the process as foment gets warm. Do this procedure for an hour. After terminating the wet pack, cover your eyes with dry towel. Lie back. The damages eye tissues return to normal by carrying out this process. Do this procedure every night for 3 to 4 days.

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