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Neck Pain

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Has a constant neck pain become a cause of serious concern for you? Before I tell you about neck pain treatment options, let me give you some idea about common causes of neck pain. Sitting in a wrong posture for prolonged periods of time is one of the most common causes of neck pain. Pain and stiffness in neck region could also be attributed to certain medical conditions. A compressed or pinched nerve in the neck region, neck arthritis, degenerated discs or cervical spondylosis could be responsible for causing neck pain.

Neck Pain
Neck Pain

Neck Pain
Neck pain and problems in the neck are very common and affect millions of people each year. Neck pain, also sometimes referred to as Cervicalgia, may be present in many forms and be caused by various conditions. For example neck pain related to the cervical spine may be caused by a pinched nerve, whiplash, degenerative disc disease, spinal stenosis or arthritis in the neck. Neck pain caused by an infection can affect the throat and lymph glands and neck pain that directly affects the muscles is known as fibromyalgia.

This web site is a guide to learning more about neck problems, cervical spine conditions and neck pain relief, while every effort has been made to provide balanced and factual information, the information gathered from this site is not an acceptable substitute for a medical consultation by a physician. Furthermore, while it is advisable to become active in the learning and decision making process regarding your own health care, none of the treatment modalities discussed within this site are recommended without the advice of a state licensed health care practitioner.
Neck Pain Relief
Neck pain affects millions of individuals every year. Whether neck pain is acute or chronic, statistics show that approximately 80% of adults are affected by some neck pain condition. In some instances neck pain relief can be achieved by practicing proper posture, exercising regularly, practicing yoga and leading a healthy lifestyle. The first step in protecting your neck is learning about the anatomy and how the components of the neck work together.

Neck Pain Symptoms
Neck pain symptoms where nerves and muscles are involved typically involve one or more of the following types of pain:

Dull ache
Anatomy of the Neck
For an in-depth discovery of the make up of the cervical spine and other parts of the neck, a visit to the anatomy of the neck page will help build a foundation for understanding the many functions of the neck and help uncover the complexity of the cervical spine and why diagnosis can be tricky.
Neck Pain Causes
The causes of neck pain are vast. Some neck pain conditions a patient may experience in regions away from the neck, such as tingling in the arm which can be caused by a pinched nerve in the neck or on the contrary, a condition such as cervicalgia which is non-nerve related. What exactly causes a pinched nerve in the neck? In older people neck pain and pinched nerves are commonly caused by degeneration, in other words, our bodies wears out (much like a tooth wears out). Pinched nerves can also be caused by bulging discs, where the material that makes up the disc (the cushion between our vertebrae) is compressed and bulges out of its normal shape pressing up against a nerve. Injuries are also another common cause of neck pain. Read more on the causes of neck pain and the associated conditions.

Neck Pain Treatment
Treatment for neck pain and problems vary depending on the individual case. When neck pain is acute, sometimes a change in sleeping habits, such as a neck pain pillow is enough to help the body recover from neck pain. In other cases, over the counter medication, neck stretches or exercises may help relieve painful neck conditions. When there is a specific condition causing chronic neck pain individuals usually start on the conservative end of the treatment spectrum and work their way to the surgical end of the spectrum until their quality of life is bearable. Somewhere in between conservative and surgical some neck pain sufferers try alternative treatments such as acupuncture or acupressure for neck pain relief. Visit neck pain treatment for an in depth look at each type of treatment and what to expect for recovery.

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