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low Blood Pressure

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What is low blood pressure?

Many people worry about low blood pressure (hypotension), but probably don’t need to.

Some people have a blood pressure level that is lower than normal. In general this may be good news – because the lower your blood pressure is, the lower your risk of stroke or heart disease. However, in a few cases, having low blood pressure can cause problems, so you might need to speak to your doctor or nurse.

What is a low blood pressure reading?

low Blood Pressure
low Blood Pressure

A low blood pressure reading is having a level that is 90/60mmHg, or lower.

Only one of the numbers has to be lower than it should be to count as low blood pressure. In other words:

* if the top number is 90 or less (regardless of the botton number) this may be low blood pressure
* if the bottom number is 60 or less (regardless of the top number) this may be low blood pressure.

What causes low blood pressure?

Some people have a blood pressure level that is naturally low. That is, there is no specific cause or reason why.

However, some health conditions or medicines can cause you to develop low blood pressure.

Is low blood pressure dangerous?

Usually, having low blood pressure is not a cause for concern. However, sometimes your blood pressure can drop to a point where you may feel faint or dizzy.

If you find that your blood pressure is suddenly much lower than usual, there may be a reason for this. Speak to your doctor or nurse.

How is low blood pressure treated?

Most people with low blood pressure will not need treatment.

If your doctor or nurse feels that you would benefit from treatment, they will often try to find a cause for your low blood pressure. If they can find the cause, they should be able to decide on the most appropriate treatment for you.

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