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Heart Cancer

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Heart Cancer


It is malignant tumor and is very rare form of cancer. Other name for heart cancer is CARDIAC CARCINOMA. It is basically development of abnormal cells in the tissues of heart. Heart cancer is more common in some portions of heart like right atrium or pericardium (outer layer of heart). Symptoms of this cancer vary from person to person.
As like other cancers heart cancer is usually asymptomatic. It is usually persisting in tissues of heart but usually it is not affecting whole part of heart that’s why it seldom shows any symptoms. That’s why is quite dangerous.
Symptoms are:
Pain (it is usually isolated in chest cavity but sometimes diffuses in adjacent parts of body)
Shortness of breath (as cancer is affecting tissues of the heart, it is difficult for heart to pump blood to all parts of the body. That’s why person has to hyperventilate (to take fast breaths) to meet the oxygen requirement)
Palpitation (it is usually uncommon, but as cancer is affecting tissues of heart, that’s why tissues of heart generate abnormal beats that felt as palpitations)
Swelling (it is in the extremities of body. It is indication of obstruction in heart’s function)
Stroke (it is a rare symptom, but it can occur. It is basically breakage of some part of tumor from the rest and causes obstruction in the blood flow by blocking the blood vessel)
Night sweats
Weight loss
Elevation in temperature (periodic fevers)
Heart failure (malignant growth of cancer)
Tachycardia (increase in heart rate)
Arrhythmias (abnormal heart beats)
Angina (temporary chest pain)
Dyspnea (breathlessness. Difficulty in breathing)
Loss of appetite
Wasting of muscles (due to decreased blood supply)
Valve dysfunction (indicative of carcinoma)
Pericarditis (inflammation of outer covering of heart)
Clubbing of finger
Conduction abnormalities
Heart murmurs (abnormal sounds)

Exact causes are not known but some are closely related like
Industrial chemicals such as vinyl chloride, cadmium or benzene
Tobacco products like cigarettes, pipes or cegars
Genetic factors
Bacteria and viral infections also increases the risk of developing cancer.
Obstruction of blood flow to heart (that can be because of atherosclerosis)
Stiffening of heart muscles known as cardiac fibrosis
Valves cannot function properly (marantic endocarditis)….it is basically damaged to the valves caused by the cancer
Growing older
Alcohol drinking
Poor diet or over weight
Ionizing radiation


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