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Female Herpes

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The female anatomy is the probable cause of female symptoms of herpes to be more detrimental and harder to control than that of men. There are more women in the U.S. that have contracted the herpes virus as statistics show that 1 in 4 women are infected whereas 1 in 5 men have the virus. Since this is a sexually transmitted disease, learning genital herpes symptoms and what you can do to help prevent or control herpes is your best defense against this disease.

Female Herpes
Female Herpes

Women are likely to have more frequent outbreaks than men and the symptoms also tend to be more painful and harder to treat. There is also the added worry of the chances of passing the virus on to her children during childbirth. Additionally, the menstrual cycle in women tends to lower the immune system which also makes it easier for the virus to infect the females’ body.

In the female anatomy, the size of the mucosal tissue surface in the vagina is greater than the tissue on a mans’ penis. Since this tissue is the most susceptible part of the body to the genital herpes virus, the greater surface area contributes to the greater rate of infection and female symptoms herpes.

In the early stages, female symptoms herpes include a burning, tingling or itching sensation in the genital area which is sometimes mistaken for yeast infection or urinary tract infection. The virus then develops into red bumps which become filled with fluid as in a blister.

Once this blister breaks open this is when the healing stage starts but with women this is when they experience the most pain especially during urinating. It is at this stage when the healing is most difficult for women as keeping the area dry is important for the healing process.

The transmission of the condition from a mother to an infant is possible. Although it is rare for mothers with herpes to pass the condition on to their children, the virus can be life threatening to newborns if it is transmitted. It is extremely important for a pregnant woman to discuss with their doctor if they start to feel the onset of female symptoms herpes, know they have the virus or experience an outbreak around their due date.

After you read the signs and symptoms of herpes and you feel you have contracted the virus please seek the advice and get a diagnosis from your physician. As someone who has lived with genital herpes for 27 years I can tell you life does go on. There are so many ways to help you control the virus these days that it is not as bad as it once was. The key is to get a diagnosis and find out what will work with your body in order to lessen your outbreaks and allow you to have a normal life.

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