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Body Acne

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It is quite common to have acne on one’s nose. . As blockage can occur in any of the hair follicles of the nose, this can result in inflammation and irritation of these follicles, which eventually results in white heads or pimples.

Body Acne
Body Acne

Causes Acne

As I’ve mentioned before, body acne is as similar as facial acne. In fact, developing acne on your back is so common that it’s commonly called as backne. Nobody prefers having body acne, but in order to eliminate it you should know different body acne causes. Body acne is generally caused by clogged pores that attract dirt and unhealthy foreign particles and eventually block the skin. The pores get filled with sweat, dirt and oil and this strives the growth of unhealthy bacteria on the body. Not keeping your body clean and living in unhygienic surroundings is also one of the prime causes of acne of the body. Wearing tight clothes for longer periods also causes body acne.

To stop acne different methods can be used:
1.Washing your hands and face every day is a very good preventive method. But it’s not just enough to avoid it completely. It is recommended by American Academy of Dermatology to use a good facial cleanser twice a day to avoid this. But after using face cleanser that area of face should be thoroughly washed.

2.Facial cleanser should contain benzyl peroxide or salicylic acid. These ingredients are helpful in treating acne. The patient should buy the cleanser after reading the label

3.The cleanser used by these potential patients should be NON-COMEDOGENIC. Non-comedogenicmoistures are those moistures which do not clog the pores. However additional care should be taken before buying the moisture that it should me oil free.

4.Oil free makeup is recommended by dermatologists. If you have to use makeup every day and have to use foundations, it should be oil free.Non-comedogenic makeup is recommended.

5.Washing of face and nose before going to bed is made compulsory by the dermatologists. This will help in washing all those elements that will lead in clogging of pores.

6.Touching of face and nose by hands should be avoided.  Touching face with fingers causes increase in bacteria, oil and other germs which provides a very rich environment for acne development.

7.Tea tree oil is effective in treatment of acne as recommended by many dermatologists.
How to avoid acne
To avoid acne, greasy food should be avoided.
High starch food is a related cause of acne.
Bar soaps should not be used because it they are too harsh for the skin of the face. Moreover patient of acne should not pick harsh cleansers that can exaggerate the acne and leads to scarring.
Types of acne:
Acne Vulgaris
It is most common type and is most prevalent at present; it includes white and black heads, pustules or cysts
These are following types of acne vulgaris.

white heads as the name indicates are white in appearance.
It results from complete blockage of follicles of hairs with entrapment of oil, bacteria and dead skin.
There is separate treatment for this type of acne

Blackheads are the complete blockage of the pores with the entrapment of dirt, bacteria, oil and dead skin. However these entrapped things slowly drain on the surface of skin.
Point to remember is that, the black color of acne is not due the entrapped dirt in the pore infect it is due to the skins own melanin pigment (a pigment which gives brown color to the skin).
Black heads are very common in both genders and usually takes longer time to be cleared.

these are the type of acne with no heads present in it.
It is reddish inflamed bump.
However the patient has to be strictly forbade of pressing or squeezing this acne because it will exaggerate it.
Separate treatment is provided for this type of acne

these are basically red circles with yellow or white center.
They are inflamed like papules.
In contrast to papules they can be squeezed out but in proper manner.


These are large and hard bumps on the skin and they are usually persisting from last many weeks.
Scarring is very common.
It is quite painful and contains acne spots.
Untreated bumps of acne leave a kind if impaction which flares again and again with time.
They should not be squeezed at all.
It should be treated as soon as possible to avoid scarring as much as u can.

It is similar to nodule
Squeezing will cause inflammation and deeper infection
It is quite painful
It usually leaves scarring behind
Dermatologists should treat it as soon as possible to avoid scarring


Acne Rosacea
It usually affects people above age 30
Redness is usually there
Blood vessels become visible on skin
It is usually confused with other types of acne vulgaris
They are more prevalent in women
If it is left treats, it will cause swelling of the acne
Black heads are not common in this acne.

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