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Genital Warts in Women

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Several scientific reports have confirmed the high prevalence of genital warts while acknowledging the probability that a significant number of cases remain unreported. This common sexually transmitted disease or STD is attributed to a pathogenic microorganism known as human papilloma virus. Genital warts in women affect the genitalia and are manifested as cauliflower-like skin bumps on the genitalia.

Genital Warts in Women
Genital Warts in Women

Treatment Alternatives of Genital Warts in Women

There is no absolute cure for HPV. However, with proper treatment regimen, you can effectively manage and control the incidence of genital warts. At the heart of an effective treatment regimen for genital warts in women is timely intervention. When you observe and experience some burning sensation, itchiness and pain in the genitalia then it is essential that you consult your doctor or gynecologist for proper diagnosis and treatment.

In 3 out of 10 cases of genital warts in women, the condition is self-limiting. Those suffering from genital warts can manage and control the condition with topical creams. For the more severe types, surgical procedure may be needed to remove the genital warts.

You can achieve optimal results when using proven topical creams indicated for genital warts in women. This is a preferred treatment option for women who have genital warts because of the convenience that this type of medication offers. These topical creams work by stimulating the natural defense of the body. However, in order for the treatment regimen to work, it is essential that the patient refrain from sexual contact as the medication can potentially weaken diaphragms and condoms.

Topical Creams for Genital Warts in Women

* Trichloroacetic Acid – This type of genital warts treatment option works by “burning-off” the genital warts. This treatment option is exclusively performed in the office of a doctor or gynecologist. Patients must not attempt to do this treatment on their own and without the supervision of a medical practitioner.
* Podophyllin – This is also a popular treatment alternative of doctors and gynecologists. This medication for genital warts in women has a counterpart formulation, podofilox, which can be used by patients even without the supervision of their doctors. However, this type of medication is contraindicated for pregnant women.

Laser Treatment for Genital Warts

This treatment alternative is resorted to by doctors and gynecologists if other medications don’t show positive results. This treatment alternative is the logical choice of doctors and gynecologist if the patient is pregnant.

Proper management and control of genital warts in women requires that you must be aware of the range of your treatment options and that you make your decision after consulting with your doctor or gynecologist.

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