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Common Phobias

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This hub introduces you to the top 20 common phobias in the world today. It also directs you to natural cures for these common phobias, predominately Hypnotherapy, NLP & Subliminal recordings which have been proven to change our behavior when it comes to dealing with these fears & phobias. It works by bypassing the over analytical part of the brain and directs positive affirmations straight into the subconscious.

Most people will acquire some of these common phobias in childhood, some will naturally grow out of these phobias but others will carry it with them for the rest of their lives. Generally speaking, a phobia is an irrational fear or avoidance of a certain object or situation. The vast majority of these objects or situations are completely harmless such as the fear of feathers or fear of open spaces to name but a few. But they carry a real sense of fear and panic for anyone who is affected by them. Anyone can cure their common phobias by using hypnotherapy & self help hypnosis techniques in the form of a subliminal CD & many are now curing these phobias in only a few weeks. For a definitive list of phobias and meanings, please read on.

Common Phobias
Common Phobias

Common Phobias
Number 1: Fear of Heights

Do you have a fear of heights? If so, then you’re one of the millions of people worldwide who suffer from this fear one way or another. In fact, its so common that almost everyone has been affected by it at some stage in their lives & this is why it makes it to the top of our common phobias list. Most people who are affected by the fear of heights phobia will instinctively avoid all places where height is involved. Some will have a severe form of this phobia and will even avoid going up a few feet on a ladder.

The thing is that you can get by without this fear having a major impact on your life. This is the reason why so many just live with it. However, wouldn’t it be better to just rid yourself of this fear once and for all? Wouldn’t life be far better without having to make excuses to your friends that you can’t go because you know there’s height involved. Wouldn’t it be so much easier to just get on a plane without worrying about being so far up in the sky? Being afraid of heights doesn’t have to complicate your life. You can overcome the fear of heights in only a few weeks just by listening to subliminal messages twice a day.
Number 2: Fear of Flying

The fear of flying phobia, also known as Aerophobia is one of the most common phobias and affects many of us on a daily basis. Most people don’t like being confined in a metal tube miles above the earth while others are more afraid of the plane crashing. Whatever the reason for this fear, there’s one thing for sure and that is, its very disruptive for the traveler. There are many people who wont set foot on a plane, they’ll take the boat instead. Imagine traveling to America from Europe in a boat, can you believe some people do this so that they wont have to get on a plane. It may sound ridiculous to some but to the person who has this phobia, its quite natural. Flying without fear is a goal which most people who suffer from this phobia think they’ll never succeed to do.

Fear of Flying Tips
There are many fear of flying courses available today & they all start out by telling you about plane safety. Airplane safety has improved 100 fold since the mid eighties when DC10’s used to drop out of the skies on a weekly basis. We rarely see an airplane crash these days and when it does happen, its usually from some non western country. So, what we can learn from this is that air travel is the safest form of transport in the world, if you travel on a western airline in the 21st century, you’ll be completely safe. However, some people still have an irrational fear of flying and so need to do something about it if they really want to overcome the fear of flying for good. The best way to overcome this phobia is by listening to subliminal messages a couple of weeks before your flight. You’ll be far more relaxed and should be relatively calm when you board the plane.
Number 3: Fear of Public Speaking

Its easy to see why this fear has made it into our common phobias list.We’ve all been there at some stage of our lives, whether its a speech you had to make at work or a wedding speech, you had to stand up in front of many people and talk, its one of our most common fears. Its a worst case scenario for many people, they worry about making a fool of themselves, they worry that they’ll get it all wrong and everyone will start talking about them. This couldn’t be further from the truth. This phobia is very common and so it goes without saying that most of the people in the audience are also affected by it. What this means is that everyone in the audience supports you, they want you to succeed & no one is going to laugh when if you make a cock up.

Just think about it for a second, do you watch those quizzes on TV, the contestant is on the million dollar question, the pressure is immense. Do you want this person to get the question wrong? Of course you don’t! You want the contestant to get the question right and walk away with the million. This is human nature, people will want you to succeed and this is the same when it comes to public speaking, they’re all supporting you. However, sometimes this isn’t enough for some people who are affected by this phobia. If you want to know how to overcome your fear of public speaking then listening to Subliminal tapes can significantly reduce any fear you may have about public speaking. Try it for a few weeks before you must give your speech and you’ll be pleasantly surprised.
Number 4: Fear of the Dark

Being afraid of the dark is one of those fears which will forever be in the top list of common phobias. Its instinctive, we fear what we cant see. However, sometimes this fear can be so strong that it imprints onto our brain and we then have a full blown phobia. When we are young, we are naturally afraid of the dark, we wont go to sleep unless the nightlight is on or the door is kept a jar, you remember those days, right?.

Well, some of these kids grow up and still have this fear, they cant go to sleep unless the lights are on. This is when we realize we have a problem, no adult should be scared of the dark, its just not something we should bring into adulthood. Many of those who are affected by this phobia will carry it with them throughout their entire lives not knowing that there are simple tools out there which can cure this fear once and for all. By using hypnotherapy through self hypnosis, we can easily reduce our fear of the dark within only a few weeks.
Number 5: Fear of Spiders

The fear of spiders is close to the top of our common phobias list. This phobia, known as arachnophobia is usually in the domain of women as 50% of them are terrified of spiders while only 10% of men are affected. The extent of this phobia can vary with some people having a mild form of this fear while others will panic even if they see a picture of a spider.

This fear is completely irrational as the vast majority of spiders in the western world are completely harmless. However this fact doesn’t seem to matter to anyone who is affected by this phobia. They will panic if they come across a spider in their bathroom and will usually have to get someone else to remove it. For most, this phobia wont really have a major effect on their life but its still a nuisance all the same. For some, it can be life altering as they spend most of their time worrying about where the next spider is going to come from. For these people, hypnotherapy is a viable option. Just listening to some recordings for a few weeks twice a day can have a major effect on this phobia.
Number 6: Fear of Snakes

The fear of snakes is a very common phobia and its not too hard to see why its high up in our common phobias list. Snakes are common throughout the world & live in almost all countries except for Ireland, Greenland, Iceland & New Zealand. So, if you want to avoid snakes then you’re going to have to live in a country like Ireland for example.

The weird thing about this phobia though, is that there are many people from these countries who also have this fear. They come from the 4 known countries in the world that don’t have snakes but they are still terrified of them.

So, this phobia is more in the psyche than anything else & can be cured if you take the time out to do something about it. By listening to positive affirmations for around 14 days, you can significantly reduce your fear of snakes.
Number 7: Fear of Rejection

Being rejected is one of our most common phobias and affects all of us at some stage of our lives. It affects everyone, whether you were rejected by a parent, uncle, aunt, lover or job interview, its a part of life which we cant ignore. Some people can deal with rejection really well, while others crumble at the very thought of being rejected.

Of course the fear of rejection is more common when it comes to the affairs of the heart than any other area of our lives. This fear can quickly turn into a full blown phobia which can affect every part of our life. Some people will bring this phobia into every part of their life and this is where it becomes a problem. Most of us have this fear in some form or another; we will instinctively get nervous when it comes to chatting up a beautiful woman for instance. Others can go from one woman to the next and get blown out of it and it doesn’t seem to affect them. You don’t need to be on this end of the scale but somewhere in between would be nice. By listening to positive affirmations twice a day for a couple of weeks, you can really make some amazing progress with this phobia.
Number 8: Fear of Small Confined Spaces

Also known as claustrophobia, this phobia is on our most common phobias list as there are many people who are affected by it. Its usually something we carry from childhood when we were locked into a small cupboard by one of our friends or some other confined space.

Its a debilitating phobia because it can affect many areas of our lives from flying to small spaces at home or at work. Deep down, many people suffer from this common phobia in some form or another but most won’t admit to it.

However it becomes a real full blown phobia when panic sets in and this is how most will know they have a real problem with confined spaces. There are many tools out there today which can help you with this fear, so if you think you have a bad case of claustrophobia, then you should think about getting help as this is one phobia anyone would rather live without.
Number 9: Fear of Failure

The fear of failure is another big fear which can turn into a full blown phobia rather quickly. It’s one of the most common phobias in the western world today.

Most people living in the west must live by certain rules if they want to succeed in life. They must get their exams, they must get that place in college, they must get the job. Its a pretty tough call when you think about it, we are continuously trying to be winners but at some stage we are going to have to deal with failure. Some of us can deal with the fear of failure more than others, these people put their failure down as lessons and this is how everyone should deal with this fear.

To fail at something is a natural part of the learning curve. Imagine if you never failed at anything in life, everything you touched turned into gold, how would you ever learn if this was the case. As an example of this, take a look at all those really wealthy kids of rich & famous people, a good percentage of them will have disastrous lives filled with drugs and visits to jail cells.

This happens because they had it all put on their lap and they didn’t have to learn anything, it just all came to them, they never had to fail at anything in their lives because they didn’t have to try in the first place. So when you look at it like this you can see how an important role failure can play in our lives, its simply an important learning aid which can shape our lives. To help with the fear of failure phobia you should listen to positive affirmations ever day and this should have a major impact on this fear.
Number 10: Fear of Intimacy

The fear of intimacy or commitment phobia may sound like a strange phobia but its very real to some of us & this is why it makes it into our common phobias list. You don’t need to run away from your partner every time they come close to have a fear of intimacy phobia. It could express itself in other ways like not wanting to cuddle up on the sofa or wanting your own side of the bed to yourself at night.

It could express itself through the way we talk to our partner, like not being able to tell them you love them or not being as touchy feely as you should be. Its quite common and it more than likely comes from some part of our childhood. Maybe our mother was cold or unemotional or our father was never present, these things can lead to intimacy issues later on in life and they can seriously affect the way we live. Of all phobias the fear of intimacy can actually affect future generations as the sufferer will avoid contact with the opposite sex and will probably not be in a position to raise a family. So, as you can see its quite important to fix this phobia as fast as you can and start living again.

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