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Chrome Disease

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You might be stuck with more than just a metaphor if often you tend to get a feeling of butterflies flitting about your stomach. And Chrome Disease might just be it if one feels chained to the loo and throws up every now and then.
This ailment of Chrome Disease is also known as Crohn’s Disease. The condition results in swelling of the gastrointestinal or the digestive tract. The swelling most commonly is seen in the small intestine or ileum. The swelling can be found anywhere from the food pipe to the mouth. It can also be present in any region from the food pipe to the anus.

Chrome Disease
Chrome Disease


Common symptoms seen in people affected by this disease is pain in the lower right region of the abdomen and the urge to frequently pass stools. Diarrhea along with bloody stools can also affect the individual. Rectal bleeding has also been observed in the affected persons. In such cases persistent bleeding can be hazardous and even lead to anemia.

* One of the primary symptoms of this chronic intestinal disease is severe abdominal pain, specially in the lower abdominal region, accompanied by cramping. The individual may also experience a feeling of fullness or bloating sensation due to the swelling of the intestines.
* Ulcers in the mouth, similar to canker sores may also develop. The reason for the eruption of mouth sores may be because the ulcers in the intestine may have spread to the oral cavity.
* Blood In stool is also one of the symptoms of Crohn’s disease. Due to internal bleeding from the intestines the person may notice bloody or tarry stools.
* Other symptoms that can be observed in a patient suffering from Crohn’s disease are loss of appetite, unexplained weight loss, persistent fever, fatigue and skin disorders, that may take a longer time to heal.
The characteristics of Chrome disease includes inflammation of the bowel and is many a times mistaken for ulcers, IBS or colitis. The disease forms in the body due to the malfunction of the body’s immune system. The immune system is unable to differentiate between the bad bacteria and the good bacteria which enter the digestive system of the body.

This results in the immune system army destroying both the bad as well as the good bacteria in the body. The role of the good bacteria is to help in absorption and assimilation of the nutrients in the body. According to research it has been proved that individuals who have a history of digestive disorders in their family are more vulnerable to falling prey to Chrome Disease.

Diagnosis the disease:

The treatment provided for this disease can help bring down the inflammation and reduce the severity of this disorder. After conducting the diagnostic tests related to this illness, the doctor may prescribe medications like antibiotics, to treat the fistulas in the intestine, anti inflammatory drugs to reduce the inflammation, and immunosuppressant drugs to reduce the response of the immune system to Crohn’s disease. Sometimes internal bleeding in the intestines may result in anemia. So in order to fight against this health disorder, iron supplements may be prescribed. The doctor may also chalk out a Crohn’s disease diet plan for the patient to follow, that is easily digested by the body.
A colonoscopy can also be conducted to examine the large intestines with the means of a colon tube. A biopsy or a sigmoidoscopy can also be conducted to diagnose this disorder. In biopsy a section of the tissue of the intestines is plucked and sent for investigation. This test is conducted to be on the safer side and be hundred percent sure.

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