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Back Pain

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The back is the workhorse of human body. This remarkably strong structure literally carries the burden of the entire body, and is responsible for almost every move you make. This makes it susceptible to injury, and the resultant back pain can be quite immobilizing. It is estimated that four out of five adults suffer from back pain at least once during their lifetimes, and it is also one of the main reasons for being absent from work.

Back Pain
Back Pain

The good news is that back pain relief exercises help most patients. In fact, those who suffer from chronic back pain usually benefit from regular stretches and bends and easy to apply treatments. The reasons for back pain are many; specialists have identified falls, bad posture or sudden jerks or even osteoporosis as some of the root causes. These problems could result in a herniated disk, or Sciatica, Spinal stenosis, Spondylosis and Spondylolisthesis.

* When a spinal disk presses on a nerve, it causes a herniated disk.
* Sometimes the herniated disk presses on hard on the sciatic nerve, resulting in sharp shooting pain right across the lower part of the body, this is known as sciatica.
* Spinal stenosis is a result of arthritis. The space around the spinal cord and the nerve roots narrow because of the bone growth, pinching a nerve.
* Arthritis being a degenerative disease also affects the spine, causing Spondylosis.
* When the vertebras of the spinal column slip forward, over lapping each other the painful condition of Spondylolisthesis occurs.

When a person suffers from back pain, he or she may take a few days off to rest the back. Most physiotherapist, however recommend back pain relief exercises, that both stretching and relaxation of the area.

One of the best exercises recommended for back problems is yoga. To get the most from the required postures one should meet physiotherapist specializing in it. It even helps in chronic back pain treatment. Essentially yoga increases the skeletal and muscle strength of the back while correcting the problems. It also builds up the abdominal muscles. The yoga poses need to be held for a few seconds, stretching and relaxing the back. This allows the nutrients to flow to the affected part, increasing the speed of recovery. Yoga and similar stretching exercises will also prevent the recurrence of back pain.

Back pain relief exercises are accompanied by physical therapy treatments like massage, application of heat, ice, ultrasound, electrical stimulation and other such techniques. If the back pain does not go in spite of exercise and other non-invasive treatments, surgery may be a chosen option.

A little care can help prevent back pain. A good calcium and protein based nutrition is often at the basis of a sturdy back. Along with this is it essential to wear shoes with the right height of heels, stilettos are one of the major causes of back injury. It is also important to correct the posture and learn the correct methods of lifting and bending. Physiotherapist point out that lifting heavy objects may cause sudden jerks to the back and spinal cord, so do incorrect methods of bending.

Chronic back pain can sometimes be an indication of some more. Sometimes patients suffering from an infection of the spine; injury or even major dieses like “cauda equine” syndrome, which is a neurological problem that could ultimately result in immobility and ultimately loss of bladder control could suffer from back pain. A severe recurring back pain that does not respond to treatment may even indicate spinal cancer or tumor. For these diseases along with other medication, codeine or hydrocodone, are offered under medical supervision.

Back pain has a wide array of solutions. The correct diagnosis and specific solution will bring you relief.

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