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Arthritic Fingers

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Arthritis is problem where the cartilage between the bones of a joint wears away and bones come in direct contact with each other. People found suffering from this disease bear severe pain which aggravates with the every single movement of the joint. There are a different kinds of arthritis too among which the finger and thumb arthritis is the most common and the majority of people are found to be affected with the problem. Problems associated with the fingers bound you from doing daily routines. From the two types of arthritis of the fingers are osteoarthritis and rheumatoid arthritis. Osteoarthritis involves rapid degeneration of joint cartilage and mostly affects the joints at the knuckles and joints at the base of the thumb. Rheumatoid arthritis, on the other hand, is the disorder that causes inflammation of the synovial membrane, which lines the joints.

Arthritic Fingers
Arthritic Fingers

Symptoms of the disease:
Person suffering from the problem experiences severe pain which is the result of swelling and stiffness. The formation of osteophytes is also one of the symptoms which is found around the knuckles and patients suffering from rheumatoid arthritis develops deformities.
Treatment of arthritis:
For the treatment of arthritis, one can use anti-inflammatory medications. In case of severe pain high dose of medication can also be taken in the form of injections. The famous cortisone injections are recommended by physician’s for the release of pain in arthritis fingers.
Arthritis patients can be treated in different ways which includes occupational and physical therapy. This is a non-operative treatment. For this; patient might have to undergo long periods of rest and a few number of exercises are also recommended to relieve the pain in joints. There is another type of exercise called as arthritis water exercises which are to be carried out only in that part of the body which is affected by arthritis.
The benefits of these exercises are that they are easy to be performed and beneficial for the patient too.
Another type of treatment includes surgery in which the fusion of joint bones takes place where the individual bones are allowed to grow and fuse to become one. There are several cases in which joint surgery is required where the joint is removed and replaced by the artificial one. After the surgery, the patient is urged to undergo long periods of rest until the normal movement of joints is regained.

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